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Your Cabo Wedding Photographer: Ana and Jerome Photography


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A wedding is a gateway into the rest of your life; it marks the commitment and love that two people share for one another, while giving your loved ones a chance to celebrate this new beginning with you. A Cabo destination wedding is both an exciting and a daunting prospect. Your big day is going to be an adventure for you to share with your closest family and friends. It’s going to be once in a lifetime, and magical as only Cabo is. Your wedding is something that you never want to forget. You want to preserve the memories of that day with photographs by Cabo wedding photographers capable of capturing just how special that day truly is.  Ana and Jerome of Ana and Jerome Photography are those photographers.

Ana and Jerome have lived in Cabo for seven years, during that time Ana and Jerome Photography has become the premier Cabo wedding photographer company. They know all of the best spots that a Cabo wedding photographer needs to know in order to get just the right wedding photographs.  Ana and Jerome are Cabo wedding photographer masters, they will take you to local places that are off the beaten path to make your photos memorable and unique. It is important that your wedding day be as unique as you are, and it is as important that your Cabo wedding photographers are able to capture that for you. Just because your wedding is in Cabo doesn’t mean that you want it to look like every other Cabo wedding. You want wedding photographers with the range and abilities to showcase your wedding.

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At Ana and Jerome Photography they don’t start their job the day of the wedding. In the months leading up to your wedding they work with you to make sure that every detail is addressed so that you can have complete confidence in your Cabo wedding photography team. Early communication with your wedding photographer is critical, and when they live far away it is even critical. Ana and Jerome believe it is important to know well in advance the style of photographs you want, but even more important is that they know ahead of time what specific type of photographs are most important to you.

When you arrive in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for your wedding, Ana and Jerome will be individuals you have spoken to, worked with, and developed relationships of trust with.  Ana and Jerome will be capturing wedding moments that you want, photographs like no other Cabo wedding photographer can match. Ana and Jerome have developed a relationship with coordinators of some of the most prestigious wedding venues in Cabo, such as One & Only Palmilla, Cabo Azul Resort, and Esperanza Resort.

Ana and Jerome Photography is based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico but Ana and Jerome have traveled the world and photographed what they’ve seen along the way. This has allowed them to gain a worldwide perspective that is important to any destination wedding. They are comfortable shooting in new locations; an important quality no matter where you are. You want a Cabo wedding photographer that can take any location in stride, so that you never have to worry about where the pictures are being taken.

You are planning a beautiful wedding that you want to remember for the rest of your lives. Choosing Ana and Jerome Photography as your Cabo wedding photographer will allow you to transport yourself back to that day anytime you look at your awe inspiring photographs, be it in five years, or fifty‑five years. Contact Ana and Jerome Photography today!

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